Tuesday, October 22, 2013


It's been a while my friends and I'm sorry about that! Life is crazy. Crazy hectic. Good crazy and bad crazy, unfortunately. To keep this short and sweet, here's why:

My husband works for the federal government and was off work without pay for the last few weeks. To say things were tough around here would be an understatement. Some people think we still got paid and my husband just got an extended vacay - but no, he didn't. He actually MISSED our Fall vacation because of the stupid furlough. :(

Like I said above, my family went on vacation last week!! It was wonderful and relaxing and just what the doctor ordered. We had a few days of sunny weather and I got sun burnt, which I'm totally not complaining about because that rarely happens mid-October!

However -- vacation was not completely and totally relaxing because on our very first day there, my uncle fell down the deck steps at the back of the house and broke his leg. In three places. And had to have surgery.

The poor guy drove 16 hours from Massachusetts to come spend time with us on vacation just to break his leg the first day? THAT SUCKS

You read that right, we moved. Things aren't set entirely in concrete... but we're in and I'm in desperate need of furniture. I didn't have an eat in kitchen or dining room in our old house... and I do in our new home, so tables will have to be on order soon!!

Stay tuned for pictures and lots of painting progress and DIY projects!!

My calendar is completely and 100% booked for this Fall. I'm beyond thrilled that business is picking up but ...it's taking away from family time and blogging time and twitter time and all my other social activities! Not to mention I've been working on my new website for my business and I can.not.wait to show it off! I still have a few glitches but here's a tiny sneak peek (click the image to enlarge):

So I think that just about sums things up!! I'm sorry if I'm MIA for a while... I promise, you can't get rid of me for long! ;)

Have a wonderful week friends.


Leigh said...

You have had lots of stuff happening! Love that picture of you and your little guy in front the water tank. So cute! Oh man, hope your uncle is okay

Michelle Kramer said...

Can't wait to see the new house! Also, love the pic of Noah on the beach!

Sara said...

So much going on with you guys! I've been wondering where you were. Congrats on the new place, can't wait to see photos. And I can't wait to see the new website! Eek! So exciting!

Jennifer said...

Wow, SO much going on!! I know that even when everything is GOOD and easy and relaxing, it can be overwhelming, so I applaud you for enduring all these bumps in the road with your usual grace. Way to go on your photography business taking off, and can't wait to see the new place and DIY projects!!

Mrs. Adventure said...

I love that you're doing so well with your photography… it'd be cool to know a big shot photographer who I could crash in on :o) I can't wait to see photos of the new place. XO.

Jess Beer said...

Welcome back! I think furlough was rough on everyone around here...glad he's back at work, even if he did have to miss vacation because of it...and yay for the new place! Excited to see it! Wish I had furniture for you but I'm no help...I do have a good friend who adores searching craigslist if there's anything in particular you're on the hunt for...seriously - she loves the hunt and is REALLY good at it. Plus can't wait to see the new photo site!

End of officially longest comment EVER. :)

Lauren said...

so much going on for sure! Goodness girl, sounds like you need another vacation! Congrats on such success with your photography business!

Caroline said...

You sure do have lots going on. I can't wait to see the new place.

J and A said...

Holy moly you have been busy!!! I love that you are so busy with your photography!! So deserved and lucky people to have you take thier photos! YAY for a new house. Can't wait to see photos and DIYs!! Glad to have you back.

Mrs. Jones said...

Wow - so much going on! I'm happy most of it is good news from you! Happy Wednesday!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Wow! You really are a busy momma! And your photos are always stunning, so I am not surprised that you have a booked calendar! Congrats on your move!!

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