Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun Fridays

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Fun Fridays

Today is Fun Friday and to be honest, I actually don't have much FUN planned for the next couple days.
Our Halloween festivities were last weekend and since the upcoming weeks will be busy for us, we will probably be lazy bums

Maybe I will muster up some energy to carve a pumpkin. Everyone on the blogs have such creative ideas!
Like the dog pumpkins? I love that! Too bad they don't have a Westie template.

Chihuahua lovin.

I'll have to see how energetic I feel Saturday.
There are a few ideas I have floating around so it depends on what hits me.

Sunday, we will head over to my momma's house for lunch to celebrate my birthday since my aunts will be in town. We will probably be forced to play board games and sing Broadway show tunes. Honestly, I think they are trying to turn us into the Partridge family since they don't have kids of their own. Thankfully there will be wine. I know this because I will be bringing it.

That evening, Kevin and I will head over to his parents for dinner. They would also like to celebrate my birthday. Apparently, no one thought to acknowledge the day of my birth within the WEEK that it happened. I guess if they want to stretch it out throughout the month, that's okay with me.

As long as there is cake, I won't hold grudges. If any of my family members are reading this, I would prefer the mint chocolate cookie cake from Cold Stone Creamery.

Birthday noms.

So, do you have big plans for the weekend? Or will you  be bored like me?


J and A said...

mmmmmm mint chocolate, my fav!

peachyplum said...

Mmm! I want try that cake! Yeah, I don't have any halloween-like plans, no one can go out tonight and tomorrow I got a wedding to go to, but hopefully that'll be fun :P

BigAppleNosh said...

Happy Friday indeed! We will be going to a wedding on Halloween!

Ashley said...

Ooh, that cake looks awesome!!

Syndal said...

you can't go wrong with a little cold stone!

Nicole said...

Wow that cake looks awesome! We don't have a Cold Stone around here :( so I've never had it but i've heard of it :).

We have my step daughter this weekend so we are taking her trick-or-treating and my husbands birthday is Monday and he has class so we are taking him out Sunday :)

Syndal said...

omg..guess what the bf surprised me with last night?? That EXACT coldstone cake!! we had some in your honor! :)

Christina said...

Mmmm wine... wine is always a good choice :)

We're carving pumpkins tomorrow afternoon. Apparently, we procrastinate on everything!

Sarah said...

That cake does look Fabulous! Yum yum! And happy belated birthday!
We haven't carved our pumpkins either...maybe tomorrow. Pumpkins are an all fall thing, not just Halloween, right? :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I'll be bored like you, lots of homework to do =-(

mintedlife said...

I can't wait to hear if you carved a pumpkin and what you came up with. Happy Halloween!

Sara said...

I can't eat mint flavored anything. It reminds me of toothpaste. I only brush my teeth once a month for that same reason.

jacquelyn said...

mmmmmm cake!!!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Mint Chocolate?! My only question: was it GREEN mint ice cream?!?!

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