Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ray-Ban Dreams

I've never owned a pair of nice sunglasses. I've never even owned a pair worth more than $8. 

There's many reasons why, but mostly because I can't convince myself to spend over $100 on something I'll probably run over with my car in less than 6 weeks. I'm klutzy, I can't help it.

Wanna see my current pair of glasses? Their pretty gangsta, so brace yourself.

Right? You see, I found those beauties at work. That would mean they are the cheapest glasses I've had yet. $0. It's a record... and I look past the fact that they're so dark I can hardly see and they hurt my ears but it's cool, I can deal.

Here's where my caviar dreams come in, I so wanna spring for the real deal :

The "new" wayfarers from Ray-Ban. So pretty.

And the piece de resistance (how do you spell that? not sure. say it with a fancy accent anyway.) 
the coveted aviators. 

Every time were in a department store or in a Sunglass Hut, I smudge the display case like a kid looking at bakery cupcakes. So friends, if you know my hubs, consider this a big fat juicy hint at what I'd like for the big 2-4 next month. Pass along the word would ya? 


CMae said...

I understand your point. I like cheapie glasses when going to the beach that way when sand scratches them or they decide to take a swim in the ocean and never return, I don't hate myself for losing them! :)

Christina said...

I love sunglasses! I'm newly obsessed with aviators; I actually bought a decent enough pair at Forever 21 for like 5 bucks.

My all time favorite sunglasses were HUGE round ones from Coach. They were $89 at the outlets. Um, I lost them. After having them for about 2 years. I'm still sad about it.

Barras' said...

Love the aviators!

Jessica said...

@Christina - I had the fake Coach glasses FOREVERRR... and did the same as you, lost them. Grrr.
@Cmae - These purples will def be my beach glasses! Haha

kjpugs said...

These are my two DREAAAAMMMM sunglasses! I try to only wear/buy ones that are cheap as dirt, but my faves are aviators and ray-ban classics. I also love the huge face-blocking ones.

peachyplum said...

When I finally broke down and bought shield aviator Ray-bans for $129,I ended up losing them a month later on a drunken night. Then I bought replacements on ebay for $89, only to realize when they arrived that I ordered the wrong style AND in the large size. I kept them, and have managed to keep them for three years, go figure.

Jessica said...

@ kjpugs - I love the big fat sunglasses too. Did you see the pic of Kim K when she burned her face? I'm terrified of that! Haha
@ peachyplum - I'm sure that's why hubs hasn't bought me any yet, I would probably do something like break them in my pocketbook. LOL. Crossed fingers though! Birthday's comin soon!

Hilary Lane said...

But are those JMU as in James Madison? Because if they are, after their victory over VTech, they might be worth something! :-)

Jessica said...

@Hilary Lane- Yes! And my husband's a die hard Tech fan so when he saw me put my shades on he cringed hahahaha

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