Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Fun

This weekend did not go as planned at all. I wanted to get some serious projects around the house done but they all went down the tube. 

Problem #1 -- We were going to paint the kitchen but found out the paneling behind the stove was warped. Our friend Tim, who was going to help drywall the bathroom, came over and decided we should put quarter inch drywall OVER the paneling. Then we can paint... ugh. More waiting.

Problem #2 -- I bought new hardware for the kitchen cabinets since hubs won't let me paint them white. I figured at least new handles would help...

The new ones are on the far right... but are the wrong damn size. DOUBLE ugh. You see, we have to get the same exact size because the handles are on an angle and since were keeping the wood, we can't fill the holes and put the handles straight up and down. Whatever, the search continues... only now for harder to find 2 3/4 inch handles. 

Problem #3 -- I got kidnapped yesterday so I couldn't do any housework. Okay, I guess it's not kidnapping if you go of your own free will.  :)

We (me and three former roommates and my sister) left town around 1 to head to Winchester. It's about an hour drive but we don't mind because the shopping is better than our crappy mall here, which doesn't even have a Gap anymore...lame.

We've started making these trips to Winchester a regular thing, I'd say once a month or so, and it's a total blast. We normally start out saying we'll get back around supper time but by the time we spend three hours in Charlotte Russe and New York and Company, we get hungry.... decide to have dinner at Olive Garden and then end up getting home around 9:30. Oops. One day down hahaa. That's exactly what happened yesterday. 

I will probably get killed for posting that picture but those are one-piece sweatshirt/skirt combos. They actually don't look too bad on but the idea is kind of ridiculous. 

Ke$ha wanna be, Michelle.... not kidding, this girl talked about her all day long. 

At Olive Garden, enjoying some never-ending pasta bowls. Mmmm... Thank you Eric. You're service was excellent. You put up with five wine-filled females. Cheers to you...although the lady at the table behind us didn't enjoy our convo. Maybe because we talked about Slumber Parties and various other disgusting things. Oh well. I had fun anyway.

Today, I tried to convince Kevin to let me start working on the hallway project but instead, he headed outside to weed-eat. I'll take that as my hint to weed the garden, but just for the record, I don't want to. I'm enjoying laying around in his Virginia Tech shorts and my Brew Thru sweatshirt. Besides, Bodie is watching the Dirty Jobs marathon and I'm not sure I want to disturb him so maybe one more episode and then I'll get to work.

PS -- I started a Twitter today.... and am soooo confused. Follow me!  :)


Syndal said...

I love the never ending pasta bowl!! nothing beats a great shopping day with the girls!

Christina said...

Sorry about your project problems... I'm sure dinner at the OG made up for them :)

Jessica said...

@Christina -- fer sherr and the Reisling helped too

mintedlife said...

wtf are these slumber parties about??

Jessica said...

@Mintedlife -- they are sex toy parties. (kinda like a tupperware party only for unmentionables) I had never heard of them til my cousin started selling the stuff. I will say that their shaving cream is awesome, they have other things than just sex stuff too!

Ashley Kate said...

Thanks for following me back! :) DO we have the same last name for real?! PS Bummer those new handles are the wrong size! I love the color and style.. it's amazing what a difference a small change like that can make.

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