Friday, August 6, 2010

Sweet Fridays

This week was especially busy at work. Monday, in particular, is a huge blur. My school has merged with another school and has made the workload triple... so tonight, I'm settling in with some General Tso's Chicken, the movie "Couple's Retreat" and a bottle of this:
Mmmm.... it's my favorite winery EVER. Seriously. You have to try it. I'm partial to the Strawberry Reserves flavor or the Mango Tango. Check em out

I've been known to down a bottle myself. It'll take me a couple hours, but I promise, I can make it happen. ;)

You see, this morning, I opened the newspaper, and there I WAS. Front page of section B.... and it's all I've heard about all day. Why was I in the newspaper? Because of said school mergings. The horrible picture that went along with the article is one reason why I'll be drinking wine. Thanks Daily News Record... your picture sucks. Love, Me.

Have a great weekend everyone!!! :)


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