Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Step Up

I told you before that I drool over Channing Tatum so it should be no surprise to you that I have now watched all the Step Up movies.

The first one was awesome, second was meh, but the third is my favorite so far and I really thought it was gonna suck. I mean, a dance movie in 3d? Well, my friend Lindsey and I took it "2 the streets" (get it, anyone?) for a little date night last night.

We started off with a ridiculous amount of food at Texas Roadhouse. I remember telling her that if I was on death row I wanted their cheese fries as my last meal... not sure what I'd be on death row for but I guess I like fries? After she finished her giant margarita and my belly was hurting from all the carbs, we headed over to Regal Cinemas for our feature presentation.

I mean, it was pretty hard to find seats

and look how sexy sexy them glasses are.

It was actually pretty cool in 3D and it seemed like there was a ton more dancing than in the other two movies which I really like. You'll also see some cameos from some So You Think You Can Dance contestants as well as a few cast members from the first and second movies. 
My only suggestion would be to bring a jacket to the theatre. Turns out Linds doesn't like to cuddle and it was hard for me to keep warm. I also wasn't excited that this movie cost 3 extra dollars so no, I will not "kindly recycle my 3d glasses" as they asked me to. I paid 3 bucks for these damn things! 


BigAppleNosh said...

Ha! Good to know you enjoyed the movie. Step Up (1) was totally my guilty pleasure :)

Brittany said...

I want to see this so bad!

I love wearing 3D glasses! I think they are fun!

Christina said...

I've never seen the Step Up movies, but Texas Roadhouse is ammmazing. ;)

Hilary Lane said...

How did I not realize he was in all three of them? I think I saw the first one a loooong time ago, but I honestly can't remember. Maybe I need to request them from the library and catch up!

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