Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things I Heart vs. Things I Hate

The other day, one of the bloggers that I stalk errr read, posted things she loves, so I thought I would share a little tidbit of a few things that I love, and then, a few things that I not so much love.  :)

1. Cuddling with puppies
2. Cudding with my husband
3. Cuddling with old roommates
4. Beach trips
5. Weddings, esp my OWN, :D
6. The Office, Friends, and Dirty Jobs
7. Paula Deen and anything cooking related.
8. Alice, my convertible, even though she's a pain in the ass
9. WINE and wine festivals
10. Cosmic brownies that make me have to go to the gym

1. Mornings. Hello 6 am
2. Cockroaches and ticks
3. Handwashing silverware
4. Toilet seats left up
5. Oil spills
6. Our economy
7. Never being able to find underwear
8. Sick puppies, esp the ones I cuddle with
9. Sour towels
10. Bras


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